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Hoegaarden, birthplace of the white beer, is an ample-size village in Flemish Brabant, Belgium, located less than an hour away from Brussels. It is a region rich in soil and renamed for its cultivation and wheat. Hoegaarden is brewed since 1445 when the monastic order of Begaarden came to Hoegaarden and developed the original white, unfiltered wheat beer using traditional brewing process for natural haziness.

Hoegaarden is an absolutely unfiltered beer. The secret to Hoegaarden’s sweet-sour and spicy taste is a zest of orange peel and coriander added to a blend of natural spring water, un-malted wheat (45%), malted barley (55%) and hops.

Hoegaarden, wheat beer, owes its intriguing character to a unique brewing process by top fermentation (25ºC) and bottle pasteurization after main fermentation.  Living yeast is added again before bottling/kegging, allowing a second fermentation in bottle or keg to create the natural cloudy appearance.  Under a thick and creamy head, you discover a surprisingly refreshing taste which is distinctively different from ‘the usual pint of lager’.

The best temperature to drink a Hogaarden is 3ºC.  It is best served in its traditional hexagonal glass. Nine out of every 10 glasses of wheat beer sold in Belgium are Hoegaarden wheat beers. Today, Hoegaarden is enjoyed in about 60 countries worldwide, attracting consumers with its natural look, special glass and highly refreshing taste.

In addition to Hoegaarden White, Hoegaarden introduces a new flavor - Rosée . It contains a full, fruity raspberry flavor and aroma with subtle floral and woody notes. With the raspberry pink and smooth  fruity taste, it offers an unique refreshment to drinkers.


Product Specification

Alcoholic Contents:   Hoegaarden White - 4.9% alc./vol

                               Hoegaarden Rosée - 3% alc./vol


Hoegaarden White -  Small Bottle (330ml x 24 bottles)

                               Draught (20 Litres, 30 Litres)

Hoegaarden Rosée -  Draught (20 Litres, 30 Litres)

Market Coverage:     Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau



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